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3COM 4200G scripting

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3COM 4200G scripting



I'm trying to automate some of our switch maintenance processes and one thing I would like to do is to automatically download the switch config file. I've noticed you can do this:


ssh admin@my-4200-switch "display ?"


and it returns with the output from the display ? command. As this keeps pausing I'd like to change the screen length to 0. But only for the download session, not permanently. So how can I run more than one command via SSH, and specifically how can I run this sequence:


user-interface aux 0
screen-length 0
display current-configuration
user-interface aux 0
screen-length 24

Any help appreciated.





This is the switch:


<4210>dis ver
3Com Corporation
3Com Switch 4210 9-Port Software Version 3.10 Release 2212P01
Copyright (c) 2004-2010 3Com Corporation and its licensors, All rights reserved.
3Com Switch 4210 9-Port uptime is 3 weeks, 4 days, 0 hour, 7 minutes

3Com Switch 4210 9-Port with 1 Processor
64M     bytes SDRAM
8M      bytes Flash Memory
Config Register points to FLASH

Hardware Version is REV.D
Bootrom Version is 610
[Subslot 0]  8FE+1Combo SFP  Hardware Version is REV.D