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4 VLAN between 2 switches HP 2524

Claudio Martins
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4 VLAN between 2 switches HP 2524

i have a test network with 2 switchs HP 2524 configure with 4 VLAN and a router Cisco.
VLAN 1 - Ports 1-6
VLAN 2 - Ports 7-12
VLAN 3 - Ports 13-18
VLAN 4 - Ports 19-24
My port 2 conected to port 1 of the other switch (VLAN 1) and port 7 conected to port 7 (VLAN 2) ... 13-13 and 19-19
I have configurate one of the switch with one trunk port (port 1) conected to the router cisco.
When i connect a PC to VLAN 2 and another to VLAN 3, only PC on the VLAN 2 comunicates with the other one. PC in VLAN 3 doesn??t comunicate with the other. So would like to know how to configure my switch for this propose. If any one has good information about VLAN just send it to claudio.martins@ent.efacec.pt
Best Regards,
Cl??udio Martins
Claudio Martins
Ron Kinner
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Re: 4 VLAN between 2 switches HP 2524

The purpose of a VLAN is to isolate its members from members of other VLANS. If you want to connect hosts on two different VLANS they have to go through a layer 3 device such as a router.

Each VLAN has its own subnet. All members of 1 VLAN belong to the same subnet.

Each member of the VLAN needs a default route pointing to the router's interface on the VLAN's subnet.

The router needs an interface or subinterface for each VLAN which is assigned to a valid IP address for that VLAN's subnet.

The trunking between a Cisco and a switch is quite complicated and depends on the type of interface on the Cisco and the IOS level of the Cisco. The interface can not be a simple Ethernet unless there is a separate Ethernet port for each VLAN. It must be at least a Fast Ethernet (100M). The native 802.1q vlan (1) can cause problems since it is normally not tagged.

See: http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/access/acs_mod/1700/1700swcg/vlans.htm


On the switch side you need to assign each VLAN you want to connect to the router to the port which connects to the router and also tag them (except 1). Note that Cisco idea of a trunk and HP's are two different animals.