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4 x HP 2524 switches, 2 separate vlans

Taavi Sepp
Occasional Visitor

4 x HP 2524 switches, 2 separate vlans

Dear all,

Maybe the topic has been under discussion, but I was not able to find a proper solution to my case.

I have three HP2524 swtches in one facility and fouth in second facility. Third and fouth are conneted by fibre, that resides in port 25 (sw3 and sw4, both).
First, second and third switch (sw1, sw2, sw3) are connected to each other using stacking kit.

What I would like to do is following:

1. sw1(all ports), sw2(all ports) and sw3(ports 1-20) to be in vlan1 with default gateway sw1 has stacking kit connected from port 25 to sw2 port 25; sw2 has stacking kit connected from port 26 to sw3 port 26
2. sw3(ports 21-24) and sw4(all ports) to be in vlan2 with default gateway; sw3 has stacking kit connected from port 26 to sw2 port 25 and fibre connector in port 25.

The IP ranges are (mask and (mask

There are two separate network segments due to situation that there are two DHCP servers in network and in order to keep clients separated, I need to block DHCP requests inside one vlan.

I also need to access computers and servers from both vlans(e.g. being in one subnet I could administer server in second subnet).

Could anyone give some idea, how to creat vlans so, that the whole network would work?


Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: 4 x HP 2524 switches, 2 separate vlans


- Your setup is fine except that you need an external Router or intelligent routing switch to do the Routing and COntrol your traffic.
- Your traffic can;t be control by the 2524, because you need some security roles like block each DHCP from accessing by other vlan (block DHCP port), and you need to access vlan2 from vlan1 but not the other way back.

So routing should be done by a Router with Access control lists, or intelligent switch.

Do you have a Core switch ? or external router ?

Good Luck !!!
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Christer Olsson
Occasional Contributor

Re: 4 x HP 2524 switches, 2 separate vlans

Routing by a intelligent switch may be difficult. A MAC-address may not exist in two different VLANs in same time on HP2524-switches. (practically, the switch internally only stores a VLAN-id per MAC-adress and will switch between two or more VLANs if you're bridging network packets between VLANS).

Therefore, you MUST use a router to get any properly working traffic between VLANS.