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4000M not send MAC on ARP

David McLean
Occasional Advisor

4000M not send MAC on ARP

I have an HP Procurve 4000M switch, Our DNS server keeps sending ARP broadcasts to try and get the switch's MAC address, but there are no responses to the requests, so, the broadcasting just keeps coming.

This is causing alot of traffic on our network and is becoming very annyoing. any suggestions on how to get the switch to respond?
Trusted Contributor

Re: 4000M not send MAC on ARP


Please let me know the code reveision the 4000M is running and the running config please (Browse). Did you run a trace on these ARP Requests? So the DNS is in the same Subnet as the 4000M?
SO you can not Ping the 4000M from the DNS as well right as the MAC does not get resolved right?
It is of vital importance to know if the 4000M does not respond at ALL or if the ARP Response gets lost on its way back.

My two cents for now.


ProCurve Networking Engineer
Gonzo Granello
Valued Contributor

Re: 4000M not send MAC on ARP

just out of curiosity, does the 4000 has a DNS entry / IP assigned?

most time the day i have to mask my contempt for the a-holes in charge......
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Re: 4000M not send MAC on ARP

I have put the management static IP addresses of my switches and my Network Monitoring Station on a dedicated IP subnet that lives on the DEFAULT_VLAN.

The normal users and servers are in subnets that live on other VLANs. Thus I don't allow snoopy users to connect to my switches, and I've never had problems with the DNS servers as you say.

David McLean
Occasional Advisor

Re: 4000M not send MAC on ARP

The switch si running the most current firmware (I believe it's version 09_19).

The ARP requests ARE coming from our own network from something on the same subnet mask as the switch. specifically one of our DNS servers.

Also, I can't ping it at all, from any machine on ur network withoutgetting a time out, I've captured packets on the network during ALL of my pings, and nothing on the network responds to any Whohas ARP rquest for Address Resolution for the switch.

Did I answer all your questions sufficiently?