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4108GL, 2650 - loss packets/no response on ping

Petr Beran
Occasional Visitor

4108GL, 2650 - loss packets/no response on ping

After some month running network with 2x 4108GL and 2x 2650 there appears problems. All the switches are running with the last firmware and with reseted configuration to factory state. Only thing, I've done, is disabling LACP.

And the problem: when I ping the switch from PC directly connected to it, I receive "request timeout" for a few seconds (irregularly) and at the same time I am able to ping to another PC via the switch. Or I cannot reach another machine, I can ping the switch...

In switch's event log are some logs like
Port .. is now off-line
Port .. is now on-line

Any idea?
David Garner_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: 4108GL, 2650 - loss packets/no response on ping

I have the same problem with the 2650. I bought the 2650 about a month ago and it came with firmware version H.07.02. I configured 30 vlans with 1 port per vlan so that I could deploy the 2650 as a router. Each port was connected to an HP 4000M layer-2 switch with 2 to 3 vlans each. Everything was working fine in this configuration except for a minor issue with the DHCP relay-agent and traveling laptops. To try to solve this minor issue I upgraded the firmware to H.08.53. That's when I started having major problems with packet loss for any traffic that went through the 2650. I rebooted several times and checked the config and everything seemed in order - I even cycled power. My whole corporate network was down due to this. I finally went back and grabbed the previous version of the firmware - H.07.50 (my old H.07.02 version was no longer available...). With my heart racing I installed H.07.50 and much to my relief the packet loss problem went away! The DHCP relay agent problem I was having also went away! I don't think I'll be going to H.08.53 in the future. Does anyone know of an issue with upgrading to H.08.53 that would have required me to tweak something to prevent this problem?

Dave Garner