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4108gl and port mirroring

Mark Landin
Valued Contributor

4108gl and port mirroring

I seem to remember (but can't find my notes) a problem with the port mirroring functionality of the 4108gl switch. If I recall, even if I set up a port on the switch to be a "monitor" port, whereby I would expect to see ALL packets from/to ALL ports also show up on this port so I can do IDS, network packet sniffing, etc., that this really doesn't work 100% correctly on the 4108s. The 4108 can only do "ingress" port monitoring, according to an old email I have.

Does anyone recall running into this, what the details of the limitation was, and if this has been resolved? Sorry for the lack of details .. it was a few years ago that I ran into this.
Trusted Contributor

Re: 4108gl and port mirroring

If that was a software-related pbm, it may probabily have been solved in G.07.65 version of the firmware. I would say Crash (PR_1000215009) could very likely be somehow linked to this inabilty of the 4100 series switches. But if they designed the switch with cheap chips - then this limitation could not possibly be solved by mere sotware upgrade.