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Re: 4108gl problems with print servers...

Jeff Jun
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4108gl problems with print servers...

I'm having a strange problem with some of my print servers after installing two 4108gl switches. For the past few weeks about a dozen Lantronix EPS and one JetDirect print server (all running at 10baseT) lose connection with the network at random, for no apparent reason. I have to go out to each one and power cycle them to get them talking again. I've got another half dozen EPS4 print servers that are 10/100 capable (but all are running at 10base) and these have had no problems whatsoever.

Now for the background info:
The 4108gl's are running stacked with 2 gig uplinks connecting them. Most of the print servers are attached to Alcatel 1032 switches at the end of 100baseFX fiber coming from the 4108's, but 2 print server are attached direct to them. I've got the G.05.02 firmware on both the 4108's, and have STP turned on on all the switches (Alcatel and HP). An Alcatel Omni9 is also attached to the 4108's via a 100baseT cable, since it's an evil necessity with it's 10baseFL module. All the print servers have the latest firmware available from the manufacturers.

This is totally bizarre because for the first few months after installing the 4108's I had no problems at all, but now I can't keep a 10base print server up for more than 3 days straight.

I know the obvious answer is "get more 100base print servers!", but right now I can't afford to do that large of a changeover.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Ron Kinner
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Re: 4108gl problems with print servers...

G.05.04 was released 10.28.02. The notes on it don't mention your problem but it wouldn't hurt to try it.

Have you rebooted both switches to see if you can get another few months of no problems?

Check the MAC table to see if the switch still knows about the MAC of a "missing" print server next time it fails. Check to see what STP state the port is in. Try turning STP off on those ports connected to the servers.

If you just disconnect the cable and reconnect it (or move it to another port on the switch) does that wake the print server?