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4108gl with 7.22 issue

Henrik Snygg
Occasional Visitor

4108gl with 7.22 issue

I have on a customer site used the "unofficial" firmware ver. 7.22. This was done to solve some issues with a Oracle database.
I was poplulating the switch with:
Module Description Serial Number
------- ------------------------------------ --------------
Card A HP J4864A Transceiver module OMNSGLY11077
Card B HP J4862A 10/100-TX module OMNSGLW22006
Card C HP J4863A 100/1000Base-TX module OMNSGLX03251
Card D HP J4862B 10/100-TX module OMNSGAC01105
Card E HP J4864A Transceiver module OMNSGLY06654
The first (A) Transceiver module is full (3x fibre-SX)
And the last (E) Transceiver module is empty.

Problem: The Transceiver module in slot E is not able to (according to the log) chassis: Slot E Download Failed. This Error log is repeated 3 times and then the switch led is blinking orange (Fault), and in the log chassis: Unable to Download to Slot E. Please Remove Card.

I have also tried different slots in this same switch-chassis.

BUT, then i used another 4108gl with the same firmware ver. 7.22. This switch is completly empty i.e. no modules installed, and on this switch the same Transceiver module WORKED.

Any thoughts, anyone !??

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Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: 4108gl with 7.22 issue


Start by hot-swapping modules in slots A and E. Does the error follow the module?

Henrik Snygg
Occasional Visitor

Re: 4108gl with 7.22 issue

Well, we will try no with a replacement chassies, let's see how that turns out.
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