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[4208vl] Redundancy?


[4208vl] Redundancy?

Hello everyone,


I have two 4208vl switches and was wondering if it was possible to make them "redundant" as in a HSRP/VRRP system.


If not, I'll be forced to change the equipments...and it'll be a real pain in the... :=)


Thanks to all !!




Richard Litchfield
Respected Contributor

Re: [4208vl] Redundancy?

Only the ProCurve switches with the ProVision ASIC support the redundant gateway protocol VRRP. (ProVision-based switches include 3500, 3800, 5400, 6200, 6600, 8200.)


The simplest way of adding that specific functionality is a pair of 3800s with mesh-stacking: you can have redundacny without needing to configure VRRP at all. Each of the 4200 switches would be connected to both 3800 switches.