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5304 VLAN and Routing Questions

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5304 VLAN and Routing Questions

I received help on part of this issue last week but I'm making a new post in hopes that I can get my remaining issue resolved.
I have setup two VLANS similar to the configuration posted at:

My problem now is with how to get the desktops on each VLAN to route back to our primary router and to the Internet. I have two questions that would save my life if they could be answered :-)

1. Our subnet is so if I assign the address of will that be ok? Is there a CLI command that allows me to assign the specific Subnet to the VLAN? I don't think
ip address is an acceptable format.
2. I set the desktops on the VLAN to have a gateway which corresponds to the address I set for the VLAN when I created it. Once the data gets to that port how does it know where it should go next. In our config the data comes to port2 on switch1 from the VLAN and then needs to go out of port1 on switch1 back to our central office where a router with it's own address resides. Do I need to create an IP forwarding setup in the switch or does it automatically know/learn/get the gateway of our primary router from the IP configuration of the switch itself (i.e. the gateway set on the switch when I gave it a fixed IP address)?
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Re: 5304 VLAN and Routing Questions

Ok, here is an update. Forget question 1 I've figured out the subnet stuff. I have successfully setup two VLANs which work fine. They can even access information between one another. However, I cannot get the VLANs to pass data to the 3rd port which is connected to the Internet. When I try to ping our primary router which resides on the 3rd port it stops at the switch. I have the default gateway for the Switch set as our primary router but it's not passing the data on down the line from the VLANs. I have the 3rd port tagged for both VLANS like the examples suggest. From the switch itself I can ping our router but not from either of the VLANs connected to it.
Gonzo Granello
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Re: 5304 VLAN and Routing Questions

ok. the ip format to enter the addess / subnet can be either /24 or - the switch should accept both type of entries.

In order to route, you need to turn routing on and define a static route to your internet router. it looks like "ip default route 111.222.333.444" where the 111.222.333.444 is the ip of you internet router. Routing between the vlans will occour as soon as routing is turned on and does need no extr command since both networks are considered directly connected. For your workstations the default gateway are the switch/router ip address for the Vlan there on.

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