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5304 lock-up

Regular Advisor

5304 lock-up

I recently have had several 5304s locking up on telnet, with different sw-releases. Seems that there is a session stuck somewhere on the unit. Trying to 'kill' yields that I get kicked out and can't log in again. Hard reset is the only way to reboot it.

Also I had a similar thing with a TFTP transfer that never finished (from PCM). I couldn't transfer using cli since there was another transfer in progress, but more severely; I can't reboot due to the said transfer. Hard reset here too.

Anyone else experienced this?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: 5304 lock-up


I prefer when you get a new switch, the first command you should do is the inactivity time-out, at least you will be sure that you are not stuck with max number of telnet session

Good Luck !!!
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