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5304 sw ver 08.30

Bjorn Tore Paulen
Frequent Advisor

5304 sw ver 08.30

I installed 08.30 on my lab, and got some error messages I haven't seen before - I downloaded a config with name and setting for b1-b3, although there is no GBIC present. So far so good. When I issue 'conf -> int b1' I get the message

Cannot use a member of a trunk: b1

If I insert a GBIC everything is fine. There is no trunk on the switch.
Something I've missed here?

Re: 5304 sw ver 08.30

I got the same message, and did the same workaround, by inserting a mini-gbic in each slot before configuring that port. Appreciate any other suggestions, but seems like a bug in this release.
Bjorn Tore Paulen
Frequent Advisor

Re: 5304 sw ver 08.30

Another bug?

I have x VLANs on one 5308. If I use the VLAN menu (just enter it and press Save) I get the message "Only one VLAN can be untagged" on a certain port. Indeed, only one VLAN IS untagged. In CLI everything is OK.
Honored Contributor

Re: 5304 sw ver 08.30

Same here using 10 vlans, no matter what i change or even i do not change anything "only one VLan can be Untagged" .....

Looks like a bug

Best regards,

Trusted Contributor

Re: 5304 sw ver 08.30

Hi to all,

I confirm that the observed error message "only one vlan can be untagged" or "Cannot use a member of a trunk: b1" is due to the same bug and ONLY happens when using the Menu. It does not happen when using the CLI.
HP ProCurve will add a fix in future release firmware.

Thanks, Ardon
ProCurve Networking Engineer
Bjorn Tore Paulen
Frequent Advisor

Re: 5304 sw ver 08.30

Another topic - possibly due to the same OS ver is the following; I have connected 4 5304 in a mesh, which is then connected to another 4 meshed 5304 by a ring (RSTP) (don't mind the Cisco boxes; they were not connected during the test. Laptops connected directly to the node1a and node2a). Before introducing node1b and node2b - i.e. only running RSTP but having configured Mesh - I get ~94Mbps throughput, which is fine. I use Chariot (de facto test instrument at Cisco and HP). Closing the meshes yields a throughput drop of about 4 Mbps. We have tested this very thoroughly, and have not used any monitoring ports. Anyone made the same experience?

I will test this setup with 7.40 all over to compare. Keep you posted?
Alan Skaarup_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: 5304 sw ver 08.30

5300XL Version: E.08.53

The "bug" is still there from a CLI, when there are no MiniGBIC inserted in the modul.

Cannot use a member of a trunk:
Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: 5304 sw ver 08.30

Since there is no mention of what module it is, the jury is still out whether or not this may be considered a "bug".

I am guessing that the module is a J4878A and if I am right, since the posts are not dual-personality, the error would be expected. I mean, without the GBIC, it is nothing unlike the J4907A which has dual-personality on ports 15 and 16.

There a minor annoyance though with these GBIC ports. If one inserts a GBIC after boot, the switch needs to be rebooted before the port can be added to the mesh and then rebooted yet again after adding the mesh. Well... it was that way with 8.50 but I have not tested with the latest.