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5304xl Configuration Help Needed

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5304xl Configuration Help Needed

I have recently purchased a 5304 xl switch and some hp 2848's . I am having trouble configuring the 5304. I have like 16 vlans that I need to talk to each other. Here is a few. 

Vlan 5 = server vlan 10.0.5.x/24           (Vlan Ip Add
Vlan 10 = 10.1.1.x/24           (Vlan Ip Add
vlan 12 = 10.1.2.x/24            (Vlan Ip Add
vlan  13 = 10.1.3.x/24           (Vlan Ip Add
vlan  14 = 10.2.1.x/24           (Vlan Ip Add
vlan 15 = 10.3.1.x/24            (Vlan Ip Add

I have my dhcp server on vlan 5 and its address is I need all other vlans to be able to get to the dhcp server so it can provide the correct scope for that vlan. Also need all vlans to talk to each other. 

Here is what I have so far. I have the 5304 setup with its ip address as 
I have the all vlans created in the 5304.
I have ip routing enabled on the 5304.
I have each vlan setup with the helper addy of

I am having a issues with what should be tagged and untagged.

I have 3 hp 2848 switches in one closet 
sw1=  (management address)  Vlan 10 ports 2-46 untagged
sw2= (management address)   vlan  12 ports 2-46 untagged
sw3= (management address)  vlan 13 ports 2-46 untagged

I have left port 1 on each switch untagged to default vlan just in case I need a port for management. 
Port 47 and 48 on each switches ports I have marked as tagged and have them linked via a crossover cable daisy chained. 
Then on sw 3 on port 48 I am using a minibic fiber back to the 5304xl on port c4 
I have nothing tagged or untagged in the 5304 except the default vlan 1 which is showing all ports a1-a4,b1-b4,c1-c4 as untagged. 

I can plug a laptop into port b2 and I can get to the management page of each switch including the 5304 but when I plug a pc into any of the client switches sw1-sw3 I cant get a ip from the dhcp server. 

While plugged into the 5304 port b2, i can ping the dhcp server but If I plug into the switches I can not ping the dhcp server. 


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Re: 5304xl Configuration Help Needed

Attached are 2 config files.

5304 config 
sw1 config.

I am only tring to get even one to work right now which is why I dont have everything  tagged in the 5304 .

Also is my internet gateway