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Scott Hope_1
Occasional Contributor


Hi there,

We've got a 5304xl Switch Router that seems to be causing some network congestion every 30 seconds.

This device is set as the default gateway for clients. When a continual ping is sent to the gateway, we get an average response time of about 30ms. However, every 30seconds the response time blows out to about 900ms and then returns to normal 30ms.

We recently warm booted (re-booted from menu) the box, checked the event log and installed modules which show no errors.

We have looked at port counters which do not show any large amounts of broadcasts or multicasts.

Connected, static and dynamic routes look correct and seem to be doing all that they should.

We are, clueless.

Anyone had this before?
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: 5304xl's

Expect you are seeing the results of RIP. Every 30 seconds RIP sends all its routing info to its neighbors and receives same from them and redooes the routing tables. Takes some CPU processing to get all that done so Echo Replies - which are not high priorities on switches - get delayed. Since you are getting a reply, even tho a bit late, you are not dropping packets so not really seeing any congestion.

To prove there is no real congestion: ping to a port on the other side of the switch. Passing packets is a high priority task so it shouldn't be bothered by the RIP action and the times will probably not vary every 30 seconds.