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5308 & 2650 switches interuption in connectivity (momentary)

Occasional Contributor

5308 & 2650 switches interuption in connectivity (momentary)

Our building uses procurve 5308 and 2650 switches. The past few months, users report momentary interuptions in connectivity. Just long enough for the computer to go into windows off-line mode. The logs on the switches don't just the interuption. Happening to users connected to both of our network closets and most of our network switches. Updated firmware and monitoring logs, but neither has been an answer. Anyone heard of this or having any ideas I should check?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: 5308 & 2650 switches interuption in connectivity (momentary)


Just check your network topology if you have any loops that causes the switches to do any blocking for the ports and change the spanning-tree topology status.

If you have any redundant links in your network topology, so i advice you to choose the core as a Spanning Tree Root, and change its spanning tree priority to 0, so no other new or old device can preempt that, and you will have a stable spanning tree topology there.

Switch(config)#span priority 0

Good Luck !!!
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