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5308XL GBIC to a Link safe module

Mark Simmonds_2
Occasional Contributor

5308XL GBIC to a Link safe module


We will be shortly upgrading our LAN and getting rid of our Baystack equipment from the core. (Replacing with HP kit)

However we need to relocate some of our Baystack 450's to other network cab's around our site, before we can replace them next year.
Question: Can the Linksafe modules in the Baystack 450's talk to the Procurve 5308XL's (Replaced Kit) via a direct Fibre link?, or would we have to mess around with putting in a media converter?
I ask this question because a while ago we used to have Accelar 1200's at the core, and these would not 'talk' with the Link safe modules at all, so we had to put the 450's in at the core level.