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5308XL and Packet lost

Marcel Stutz
Occasional Advisor

5308XL and Packet lost

Hi to all,

Also some user ther have a lot of Packet Lost on a 5308XL Routing Switch ? We use the 5308XL as a Core Routing Switch with ~160 VLANs, and we have ~20 - 54% Packet Lost between VLANs and also on the Transit Uplinks. Also my CPU Load is very high the hole day. I never under 50 - 60% CPU Load. Do some wehre have the Same Problem ? To day i update my Switch to 8.30 Firmaware bevor it was 8.07. I'm still in Contact with some HP Support Engineer of HP in the Nederland.

Feedback about Infos and Solution are welcome. Also i look for Contacts of other User of 5308XL and 4108gl and 2524 Switch to share Information and Know How.

regards Marcel
Peter Colsch
Occasional Contributor

Re: 5308XL and Packet lost

I am unsure if this is a related problem, but I have also experienced difficulties following upgrade to the 8.07 firmware. I have two VLANs with IP routing enabled and static routes configured between them. RIP is enabled.

All addresses on VLAN1 can ping all VLAN2 addresses, except that VLAN1 addresses between 1 and 35 cannot ping VLAN2.

Also, no VLAN2 addresses can ping VLAN1 addresses 1-35.

VLAN2 can ping all of VLAN2, and VLAN1 can ping all of VLAN1.

VLAN1 sm
VLAN2 sm

There are no access-control lists or ip filtering on the switch. Reboot of the switch did not clear problem.
Bjorn Tore Paulen
Frequent Advisor

Re: 5308XL and Packet lost

08.30 is out.


We have ~50 53xx in our network and have had fail on one 5304 last week - got packet loss on the whole thing. Workaround: Moved some of the customers to another VLAN and voilá - zero packet loss. This one ran on 08.07.

Please post any solution