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5400 and 2910 vlan routing


5400 and 2910 vlan routing

I have a 5400zl as a core switch in one location and a 2910 in another remote office connected via fiber.

We are wanting to share some VLANs across the link so know I need to trunk those vlans but i'm having some issues getting RIP to work across the link.

I have attached the running configs for both switches.

I'm only working with one VLAN right now to just get everything working and then will add the others once I have a clue as to what i am doing.

I have IP addresses set for the VLAN on the trunked interfaces on both switches and got RIP to work across the link for that vlan but getting any of the vlans to route on the 2910 switch required me to set up static routes to connect to the other VLANs. Is RIP supposed to pick up those routes automatically?

As a secondary question, I am going to be moving away from the default vlan for security reasons. Is it kosher to change the primary vlan to the new "default" vlan or does that defeat the purpose of changing the default vlan? I'm not entirely sure what to think about that so i'm asking.


Re: 5400 and 2910 vlan routing

More info:

Int A2 on the 5400 and int 2 on the 2910 are the interfaces trunked and we're currently trunking with vlan 104 though we'll be adding quite a few more once I get this set up the right way.

Thanks in advance.

Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: 5400 and 2910 vlan routing


A couple of quick observations. You don't appear to have RIP enabled on vlan 104 on your 5400.
Also, you'll want to define what routes are redistributed by rip, i.e.

# router rip redistribute static
# router rip redistribute connected