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5400zl firmware upgrade

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Occasional Contributor

5400zl firmware upgrade

My 5400zl is running 2007 firmware, K.12.16 (boot ROM is K.11.03). I'd like to update it to the latest firmware (K.14.16).

Can I upgrade to the latest firmware directly, or do I have to go to an earlier release (K.13.xx) first before upgrading to K.14.16?
Honored Contributor

Re: 5400zl firmware upgrade

The release notes and/or a special readme will list any intermediate updates that may be required.

If you go to an even newer version of K.14.xx, you will need to do 2 steps.

I'm pretty sure you will need to do a K.13.xx upgrade first, in fact it may be best to do it even if it is not stated to do so.

Regular Advisor

Re: 5400zl firmware upgrade

It states quite clearly in the yellow box on

You have to go via 12.62 and 13.71.
Respected Contributor

Re: 5400zl firmware upgrade

Actually this will not work, you boot ROOM is K.11.03, to do these steps you need boot ROM K.12.10 - K.12.11, contact the support so that they can provide you with a previous firmware that can upgrade the boot ROM to K.12.xx so you can then follow the steps mentioned.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: 5400zl firmware upgrade

update following the correct sequence.

K.11.11 through K.12.29 (boot ROM K.12.10 - K.12.11) > Update and reload into version K.12.62

K.12.31 through K.12.62 (boot ROM K.12.12) > Update and reload into version K.13.71

K.13.49 or newer (confirm boot ROM K.12.14 or newer using â show flashâ K.14 (any version) > Update directly into software version K.14.60
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Respected Contributor

Re: 5400zl firmware upgrade

Guys, this sequence wont work coz his boot ROM is K.11.03 and in the steps it's mentioned K.12.xx boot ROM,

Please do as advice call ProCurve support and they will be able to provide you with a firmware in order to upgrade the boot ROM 1st to the required one then follow as they mentioned

Occasional Contributor

Re: 5400zl firmware upgrade

Thanks for everybody's time and suggestions. I ended up contacting ProCurve support. Their response was:

"The upgrade path is the same as that stated on the software download page. In other words, your first step is to upgrade to version K.12.62, and then the subsequent versions outlined on that page."
Occasional Contributor

Re: 5400zl firmware upgrade

solution see comments above.
Respected Contributor

Re: 5400zl firmware upgrade

Did it work using the same steps on the website as they mentioned ?? please let me know coz i'm sure if you tried to upgrade to K.12.62 since the boot ROM is K.11.03, please confirm if you did the upgrade so i can double check my info which i tested before on 2 devices :)