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Mark Wheadon


The 5406 has recently been released. Has anyone implimented this device ?. Currently we are looking at several solutions (Extreme, Foundry, HP, Cisco). HP are clearly offering the value for money but I have found previous HP products CLI interface to be very limited on what information you can get out of it. Compared to Cisco, Foundry. They have good basic support out of the box. Does anyone have a roadmap at all for HP 5406 device ?. For example the Cisco 4506 has had several new management modules/blades. We don't want to invest in a solution that could require in a year to be replaced with a new chassis etc.

Re: 5406

Dear Mark,

I more or less understand you're question. Can you provide me a bit more detail on what information you're are looking for?

Regards, Dobias