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5406zl - Blade Crash detected

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5406zl - Blade Crash detected

Hello @ll!

Our customer have a new 5406zl.
We had a Blade Crash an slot A where is installed a 24 Port mini GBIC module.
Here the Logs:

W 09/30/06 16:04:08 00274 chassis: (85) Slot A: Blade Crash detected - Available
I 09/30/06 16:04:14 00375 chassis: Slot A Downloading
I 09/30/06 16:04:15 00376 chassis: Slot A Download Complete
W 09/30/06 16:04:24 00274 chassis: Slot A Data Bus Error: Addr=0x704a600c
I 09/30/06 16:04:27 00422 chassis: Slot A Ready

We change the Module, and the Chassie, but the error persist.

Now wev got a new SW version from the HD, that is not already released K.11.49.

We will see what happens.

Have somebody the same problems, or can anyone give me more informnation about the error code?

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards from Germany

Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: 5406zl - Blade Crash detected


I think this issue has been reported so many times,
have a look at:

Maybe its an SNMP Network management software with traffic monitoring.

So you may change the default SNMP community public, or disable any SNMP software you have and see what happened.

Good Luck !!!
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