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5406zl Vlan routing- simple

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5406zl Vlan routing- simple

Hail All,
The setup:
I am currently running out of IP address on my Class C ( private subnet and would like to grow my network by placing new users on another Class C ( On my 5406zl I have all my current users on Vlan 1 and created vlan 30 to host the new users/subnet. I also have a dhcp/dns server on VLAN 1,, and my gateway to the outside world is

The pitch:
With my attached configuration I am able to place a laptop in Vlan 30 and receive a dhcp lease and even browse the web properly. I am able to ping the entire network on vlan 1. The problem is logging into my domain is very slow (and the only way it behaves better is to put a static route on my Domain Controller and DNS server.) But as it is Vlan 30 is unusable. As a test I RDP to the laptop from Vlan 1 and notice that the session gets dropped after a couple of minutes, so there might be a TTL issue here. So there must be some other configuration options I need to perform for this to work.

Any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 5406zl Vlan routing- simple

I found the issue: My gateway was misconfigured and was not forwarding the packets correctly. Thanks for looking at this thread nevertheless!