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5406zl module removal

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Cameron Stephens
Occasional Contributor

5406zl module removal

Hello, we have a 5406zl with 4x 24 port (J8702A) modules. I am planning on removing 1 of these modules and installing it in a 2nd spare chassis for testing purposes. This module will not be replaced and the devices plugged into it patched into a second switch. The most convenient module to remove would be module 'B' because all of the ports are in the same VLAN so minimal changes are required. Before I do this I would like to confirm whether or not the ports on the 24 port modules 'C' and 'D' will automatically renumber themselves to 'B' and 'C' or do so at the next reset? If so then I would need to consider removing module 'D' instead which is alot more trouble.

Could anyone confirm what will happen to the port numbers if a module is removed? Will they all stay the same or will they renumber which will affect the running config?

Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: 5406zl module removal

if you remove a module, everything still installed continues to work as normal...

there cannot be a renumber, etc, as modules in slots C & D are still there...slots are fixed configuration...

if you simply remove the module, the config will stay the same until a reload, if you watch the switch come up on the console port you will probably see some errors relating to the slot/ports not being there...then you do a 'write mem' and the config will be free of that slot B module/port info...

Cameron Stephens
Occasional Contributor

Re: 5406zl module removal

Great, thats exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks for your reply.