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5406zl slot (module) fails to boot

Michael Skinner_1
Occasional Visitor

5406zl slot (module) fails to boot

I have a problem with a possibly faulty module for a 5406zl switch I would like to get a second opinion on.

I power up a new 5406zl that contains two J8702A (24 port Gig POE) modules and I get a indication of a failure in slot A. I check the log and the following errors are displayed.

chassis: Slot A Slave ROM Tombstone: 0x13000101
chassis: Slot A self test failure or unsupported module
chassis: Slot A Failed to boot-timeout-(ROM_ALIVE)

So far it looks like nothing more than a bad module but to double check I swap the module in slot A with the one in slot B. After the module swap and plugging the switch back in both modules fail with the same messages as above. This is not what I expected to see so I continue on with my investigation.

I pull the module that is suspected to be faulty out of slot B and power up the switch again. The switch powers up and slot A is working properly. I unplug the switch and reinstall the suspect module back into slot B and remove the module from slot A. After power up the module in slot B has failed with the original error as listed above.

After all of this I am inclined to seek replacement of the faulty module but am still concerned about the scenario where both modules failed.

What would you recommend my next course of action be?
Yan Henrichon
Frequent Advisor

Re: 5406zl slot (module) fails to boot

First, do the firmware update. The actual version is K.13.09. If after updating the firwmare you still have problems, contact the ProCurve Support and explain your situation.

I guest you'll have the replacement of both the 5400 with the modules.

HTH. Yan.