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5412zl US/Taiwan Power Requirements/Cords Confusion

Irving Popovetsky
Occasional Visitor

5412zl US/Taiwan Power Requirements/Cords Confusion

In the US, the 5412zl ships with 875W PSUs and 120V power cords. Experience here has been fine so far.

Just purchase 2x 5412zl-96G switches in Taiwan. Both arrived with the same 875W PSUs, but a 220V NEMA L6-20 cable. Looking at the ordering guide, this is the only option.

Everything in Taiwan runs off standard US style 3-prong 120V power. Including all of the HP servers in the server room.

No plans to run PoE. Could we just use the US 120V power cord, purchased from the US?
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: 5412zl US/Taiwan Power Requirements/Cords Confusion

There is no bog difference between 120V or 220V power-cord's
Offcourse they must be "certified" (tested) that the insulation can stand the Voltage/Amperes.
NB! At 120V the device draws more Amp's then at 220V.
The powercord must be suitable for the power (V x A) drawn from the receptacle for the connected device..

If your US powercord fits between device and wall-outlet (and you checked above) you can safely use it.

More important is to check if your PSU must be manually switched for 110V/220V, or it may be "autosensing".
Autosensing PSU's detect themselves if the wall-outlet is 120V or 220V and adjust accordingly.
Many PSU's for PC's Laptop's and other devices nowadays are "autosensing".

If the PSU only accepts 220V, then you're out of luck and need to buy another PSU for 120V.
abdullah shboull
Frequent Advisor

Re: 5412zl US/Taiwan Power Requirements/Cords Confusion

I want to add somthing that the PoE device that you need to connect to the core should be in range is 16.7k Ohms to 29.5k Ohmm in order to get a PoE from the core.
Irving Popovetsky
Occasional Visitor

Re: 5412zl US/Taiwan Power Requirements/Cords Confusion

Thanks Pieter and Abdullah for the answers. I know that the US 120V power cord is a heavy enough wire gauge and naturally the connector will fit.

I did learn a bit more about the situation:

1. Taiwan power is actually 110V instead of (US) 120V, but uses the same receptacles.

2. At 120V, the 5400zl 875W PSU is said to draw 12 Amps at full power. That is the magic 80% mark for a 15 Amp circuit which should not be exceeded per US electric code.

3. At 110V, the same PSU could draw 13 Amps, that's 86% of the circuit's capacity

My questions are for someone at HP, or anyone who has a Amp meter on their 5400zl switches and knows them well:

1. What is the maximum power draw and typical power draw expected from the switch? ( has 5x 24p interface modules, NO POE, 2x 875W PSU @120V)

2. Does HP not provide a 120V power cord in Taiwan for this switch because it is actually 110V and that creates some kind of electrical risk? What is the risk level if the switch is not fully loaded?