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5412zl problem

Occasional Contributor

5412zl problem


servers in the network every few weeks / days, randomly ports in the switch 5412zl get blocked. there is no communication through that ports that blocked and they do not reply ping and not show record in the arp table. Only reboot of the switch releases them, the switch was replaced (chassis only) and the problem stay , I attached show tech of the switch .
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: 5412zl problem

there is no communication through that ports that blocked
in the log there is many massages about blocked ports because of STP.
You may supply more details on what ports your servers are connected.

as first action I would take action to remove the "W 07/17/09 17:06:40 00236 snmp: SNMP Security access violation from" message
allow this station to manage this switch or let it stop trying.....
It clogs your log with unneccessary messages.

As for the errors itself,
what's connected to these ports?
W 07/16/09 08:43:16 00564 ports: port C13 PD Invalid Signature indication.
looks like a PoE device...
do you use Access-points?
if so do they have bridging enabled => disable.
if it is switches -> are all switches procurve, or do you have mixed-vendor?
you may need to correct STP (mstp/pvst/rstp) configuration to make interoperability function correctly.