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56k PCI Modem drivers

Will Munro
Occasional Visitor

56k PCI Modem drivers

Hey! I have a HP ze5400 notebook. Windows XP pro, 2.53Ghz Pentium 4, 512MB Ram etc. It is the biggest waste of time of a computer I have ever had quite frankly. I have had nothing but problems. Anyway, does anyone know what I should do, as it does not have the drivers for the internal modem. What model is the modem? This modem used to work but now it doesn't. It says it cannot find the drivers, and I have no idea what model it is. Any help would be much appreicated thanks! Also, I have a wireless card which also used to work, but now the computer doesn't recognize when I put it into it's port. It used to say "found new hardware" etc and all would be good. Now it does nothing!! What could be causing this? How can I fix it? Thanks again.
Arnel Rodriguez
Valued Contributor

Re: 56k PCI Modem drivers

Your modem is defective thats why winxp cannot detect it and always says cant find drivers, its a common problem for laptops the only solution is to replace the modem, or if you like you can try to reformat then re-install the os and applications for you to double check the hadrware as well as the drivers.

Goodluck :)
When in doubt ask, There is no dumb questions!
Will Munro
Occasional Visitor

Re: 56k PCI Modem drivers

hey! thanks for your help. I have reformatted then reinstalled the operating system about 12 or 13 times now and still I get the same results. What I don't understand is why it won't accept my wireless card. When I installed it before (after inserting the CD and adding the drivers) XP told me that it had found new hardware. Why would it not do that now? Surely both my modem AND wireless card can't be broken?! They were working fine before. Very strange. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, and have a great day!
Andy Vierstra
Occasional Visitor

Re: 56k PCI Modem drivers

Hey Will,

I share your feelings and am trying to help myself get over a similar problem. I upgraded two notebook Compaq Armada 7800s to XP. One from Win98 and the other from Win2000. Both had internal operating modems. The one that had the Win98 has been restored to Win98 and the modem is again functionig normaly. The Win2000 7800 OS cannot be restored. Its modem does not work with the Web with two ISPs but does only work with JUNO Email. With the Web attempts it gives an error code 50 and sometimes errorcode 6 whatever that means.

Currently I am trying to find a Compaq download that will work with the 7800 and XP. After a week no luck and no valid advice from Compaq. I to am sorry to have installed XP but I hope that can be given or find a good procrdure to get these modems operating with XP.

Andy V
Frequent Advisor

Re: 56k PCI Modem drivers

i assume u still have the original restore cd's that camse with the computer

take restore cd #1 and open it.

there should be a folder called



or something like that.

anyway thats where all of the drivers and preinstalled programs are located.

look in there