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6200yl flash amnesia problem?

Peter Eriksson Linköpin
Occasional Contributor

6200yl flash amnesia problem?

I'm having annoying problems with a 6200yl that seems to forget parts of it's config between reboots.

More specifically, I configure a port to belong to a couple of VLANs, execute "write mem", verify with "show config" (and "show run") that things are OK, and reboot - and then it's gone again.

*Very* annoying. Anyone else seen this?

Firmware K.12.57. I've tried K.13.03 and K.13.09 but with those firmwares the switch hangs after like 10 minutes or so (first it stops responding to CLI input and then after a bit it will fail totally requiring a power cycling...
André Beck
Honored Contributor

Re: 6200yl flash amnesia problem?

Hi Peter,

call HP and replace the unit - that's what life long warranty is good for. I have seen a 6200yl crash and come back with an empty configuration (closer inspection showed the flash file system content was badly hosed, with all the filenames arbitrarily rotated and such), killing a large network (the idea of having STP *OFF* by default is still silly). So yes - the flash on these boxes seems to have ways to develop bit rot. If the signs show it starts, replace the box before it kills your network.