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7102 console access

Occasional Visitor

7102 console access

I just received a used 7102 secure router and was wandering how to access the device. Surely I have no information on the configuration loaded on the device.
I was trying to access it via the console port, but no reply.
Is there a way to reset to factory default or similar?

Joel Belizario
Trusted Contributor

Re: 7102 console access

Here is the documentation on the 7100 series - I had a quick look through but can't find any method of resetting the router except by erasing the config.


It's odd that you don't get anything through the console port - have you set up your terminal session properly?

To initially access the CLI, connect the COM port on your workstation to the
console port on the front panel of the router. Use the serial cable (5184-1894)
that was shipped with the ProCurve Secure Router. Then run terminal session
software such as Tera Term or HyperTerminal on your workstation, setting
the following parameters for the session:
â   Baud Rate = 9600
â   Parity = None
â   Data Bits = 8
â   Stop Bits = 1
â   Flow Control = None

Also, I've found with some of the switches I am not able to establish a console session until I reboot the device with the serial cable plugged in - it may or may not work in your case.

Occasional Visitor

Re: 7102 console access

Hi Joel,
thanks for the reply. Which document did you find the way to erase the configuration?

I was able to connect after a reboot of the router. The password was a different issue.

Joel Belizario
Trusted Contributor

Re: 7102 console access

The basic management guide - the command should be:

"erase startup-config"

So you were able to perform a password recovery?