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8/24c SAN Switch - Can't FTP new firmware

Occasional Contributor

8/24c SAN Switch - Can't FTP new firmware

Hello All,
I have a new Brocade switch and can't seem to FTP a file. I am trying to update the firmware to v6.4.1a from 6.3.

I have setup a Windows FTP server with anonymous access, and I have tested the FTP server with another Windows workstation. Everything works great.

When I try to use the command line from the 8/24c "firmwaredownload," or if I try to use the web interface, I get "The server is inaccessible or the firmware path is invalid."

If I telnet to the 8/24c I can successfully ping the FTP server.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am not finding much out there...

Occasional Contributor

Re: 8/24c SAN Switch - Can't FTP new firmware

Solved my own problem.

When I extracted the .ZIP file it created too many folders:


So the answer was to specify "/v6.4.1a/v6.4.1a" as the path.

It was confusing because there were also /sbin and other folders just underneath /v6.4.1a. So it was not super clear which folder to specify, also Winzip complicate things by adding the extra folder layer.