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8000M + Gbit/SX module = doesn´t work

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8000M + Gbit/SX module = doesn´t work


I wanted to install an additional Gigabit SX module in our HP Procurve 8000M. Well there was no error according to the switch error LED, the module was recognized correctly within the switch´s config, but I simply don´t get any link up.

So, I tried a second one. Same problem.
I checked cabling, and the HP 6200yl the 8000M should be connected to. No problem with it.

Having several 8000Ms, I changed the module slots. Neither of the SX modules worked. Well in each of the 8000Ms there´s already 1 SX module installed.

Well I found another brand new SX module around and tried it. Nothing. It simply doesn´t work.

Either all module slots are defective, all SX modules are dead or I forgot something to enable.

Just for your info. The modules are recognized without any problems.
Is there a kind of limit for the 8000Ms? Only 1 Gigabit SX module per unit?
Did I forget to enable something?
Matt Hobbs
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Re: 8000M + Gbit/SX module = doesn´t work

The newer products default the gig fiber ports to Auto, whereas the older products (8000M) default to full-duplex. Set them to match and you should get a link.
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Re: 8000M + Gbit/SX module = doesn´t work

that´s it. It works now :-)