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802.1Q-inQ support in Procurve switches

802.1Q-inQ support in Procurve switches

Does anybody know if there is any plan to add support for 802.1Q-in-Q tags on any of the Procurve switches.

I really miss this functionality on these otherwise excellent switches!
Jason F.

Re: 802.1Q-inQ support in Procurve switches

802.1q (tagging) has been supported across nearly the entire product line from the get-go.

It's simple to do:

ProCurve# enable
ProCurve(config)# vlan 55
ProCurve(vlan-55)# tag A1

More Info @ ProCurve Manuals:


ProCurve Support

Re: 802.1Q-inQ support in Procurve switches

Yes, I know ordinary 802.1Q tags are supported. What I asked for was Q-in-Q tags, aka VLAN stacking.

It's when you allow stacking of muliple Q tags in an ethernet frame. It's very useful. Consider the following secario, which is my accual case:

I have a "backbone" fiber network consisting of HP Procurve switches (HP2626 and 3400), in which I transport other customers networks seperated on diffrent VLANs (Q-tags).

The problem is that now almost all of my customers are using Q-tags them self, so to transport their TAGs through my network, we need to co-ordinate our tags, and I need to reconfigure my whole network, just because a customer of mine need to transport another VLAN tag.

With Q-in-Q tags, I could transport each of my customers WHOLE network, including their VLAN tags over my own VLAN, without having to worry about co-ordinating VLAN tags, or reconfiguring my network to support additional VLANs.

I don't know if this is a real IEEE standard, but multiple other vendors do support it already (Cisco, Extreme), so I sure hope HP is about to add support for it soon as well...