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802.1w (RSTP)

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Maikel cim
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802.1w (RSTP)


We have 2 HP ProCUrve 9308M with 7.06.04 firmware and 6 5372xl with the E08.01 firmware version. The connection mode is by 1Gbps ports, and each 5372xl is connected to both 9308M. So the 9308M are connected one to the other directly, and the 5372xl are connected to the other 5372xl-s by the 9308M. The primary root is one of the 9308M (prio 10), and the secondary is the second one (prio 20)

We configure 802.1w and while we don´t disconnect the connection between the two 9308, it seems that it works fine because we only lost 1 or two packets in a continuos ping. But if we disconnect the cable between the "two" roots, we lost about 30 packets, so as in the old STP.

Do you know if there is any problem between these type of equipment, or what can be hapenning?
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Re: 802.1w (RSTP)

Hi Maikel,

Yes, we found this one out and it is fixed in the current E.08.01 code for the 53XX. We have a patched version for the 93XX (7.06.04L) that addresses this issue. Please shoot me your email address and I will forward the code as it is too big to post over here.

Regards, Ardon
ProCurve Networking Engineer
Maikel cim
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Re: 802.1w (RSTP)

Hi Ardon,

thanks a lot. My email address is iloiarte@comymedia.com