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802.1x + dyn vlan (via radius) + homedir mapping

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802.1x + dyn vlan (via radius) + homedir mapping

following environment:

- hp 2650
- win 2003 ads/ias/ca
- win xp client
- peap(ms-chapv2) security

all working fine with peap(ms-chapv2) and dyn vlans via radius-attribute.

but i've one problem...with dyn vlan enabled (via radius attribute) SOMETIMES the user does not become his home-directory mapped. when the user logoff from win xp and login again then he gets his homedir.

it looks like a timing-problem.

a 802.1x-login without dyn vlan (via radius-attribute) works without any problems.

any ideas!?

config hp 2650:

vlan 1
untagged 13-50
ip address
no untagged 1-12
vlan 2
name "testvlan"
untagged 1-12
tagged 49-50
aaa authentication port-access eap-radius
radius-server host key 123456789
aaa port-access authenticator 11-12
aaa port-access authenticator 11 unauth-vid 2
aaa port-access authenticator 12 unauth-vid 2
aaa port-access authenticator active
aaa port-access 11-12

config ias:


tunnel-medium-type: 802
tunnel-pvt-group: 1
tunnel-type: virtual lans

thanks in advance...
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Re: 802.1x + dyn vlan (via radius) + homedir mapping

On XP at least with SP2 you normally have two 802.1X authentications occuring:
1. Computer authentication
2. User authentication after a user logs in

I assume that the computer authenticates in a different VLAN than user is doing.

There is a synchronization issues during User Authentication. User Domain logon and Logon GPO are executed in parallel with 802.1x user authentication and DHCP request.
When there is a VLAN switching between Computer and User authentication, User GPO is started using the computer connectivity and then 802.1X user authentication starts as well as DHCP request this causes the processes to be started in parallel when they should be serialized, and, user authentication and logon to fail.

Due to this problem MS does not support changing VLANs on 802.1X.

You may have a workaround. Create a local script, instead of a remote logon script. Let this script loops until it gets network connectivity. This script should than start a Logon script from a share.

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Re: 802.1x + dyn vlan (via radius) + homedir mapping


i'm not changing vlans between computer- and userauthentication.

i've configured only one policy in ias (tunnel-pvt-group: 1). ias also checks only one domain-group...members of this group are computer- AND useraccount.

now i've changed the untagged vlan on ports 11&12 to vlan 1 and i think it's looks better...but at the moment i'm not sure...