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9300, Cisco, QoS, and redundancy...

Jody Greene
Occasional Contributor

9300, Cisco, QoS, and redundancy...

I am using the 9315m. I am implementing VoIP over FR with a Cisco 3640 (RIP routes are going to be used). I am also using a PIX for Internet, but will use it for a redundant link for FR failover (static routes in 9315m with modified administrative distance). Has anyone worked out configs for such a scenario?
Valued Contributor

Re: 9300, Cisco, QoS, and redundancy...


I'm scared there will be a proximity problem for backup static routes : In some cases the 9315 will continue to use the route by the 3640 for a long time (ex: if only the FR link is down on the 3640, the 9315 can only know if the ethernet port of the 3640 -the next hop- is up).
Note that it's not an HP problem, most of other manufacterer's devices work the same way.

You will get the same problem in all server rooms for return path routes.
You could use RIP, but for me (And I think a lot of people), it is better to use ospf, in and between your server rooms.

For QoS, it should be OK on the HP 93xx, and on the Cisco 3640 (Check the IOS). For the PIX I can't help you.