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9304 Routing

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Mark Fugate_1
Occasional Contributor

9304 Routing

Good afternoon,

For one of our deployments we have three VLANS:
which all are routed separately into 3 Cisco PIXes, each with their own T1

We are upgrading to MetroEthernet in the Spring, and will be consolidating the routing and internet connections, as well as deploying a Cisco ASA 5520 for Security/Firewall purposes.

My scenario/question is this:

We will be having the 9304 do the routing between our three internal/LAN networks. We will then be using the default route command to send all unknown traffic out the door to the ASA.

Our dilemma is on the 172.16.x.x network we have a Packeteer Packetshaper. We'd like to use it only for 172.16.x.x traffic, and obviously install it somewhere in the network after the routing takes place.

Is it possible in the 9304 to have one route for the 172.16.x.x network and another for the 172.17.x.x and 172.18.x.x networks?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: 9304 Routing

Hi Mark,

I believe you're in luck. The 9300 series supports Policy Based Routing.

The Advanced Configuration and Management Guide has more on this topic under the ACL chapters.


Mark Fugate_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: 9304 Routing

Thanks, Matt

I'll check that out now