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9304, route-only, vlans and rate-limiting

Draschl Clemens
Occasional Contributor

9304, route-only, vlans and rate-limiting

Hi there,

suppose a pair of 9304, running software, each of them with one EP-8port-GBIC management module. Both of them are configured route-only.
I've had the switch running VLANs, VEs and MSTP before, but in combination with that kind of configuration was lacking stablity. seems to do the job quite well so far, and I've changed the configuration to route-only. The documentation only tells how to configure VLANs on the ProCurve when in switch-routing-mode and not in route-only-mode. (Are there any differences?)
Now the idea behind my question is to create some kind of VLAN-sub-ifaces like the cisco-way. Together with rate-limiting. I don't want to act that wastefull when serving bgp-sessions to customers and giving each of them one single fiber-port.

The documentation mentions that rate-limiting on VEs isn't supported, so I'll run into a limit here, right? Or is there a solution I didn't think about so far?

Thank you in advance

Kind regards