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9308 - 2848 / QoS for

Alan Skaarup_1
Occasional Contributor

9308 - 2848 / QoS for

Has anyone an config example for configuring
QoS between 9308 and 2848?
And are there any debug commands to check its working.
VLAN 3 is used for VoIP and should have higher priority than other VLANs.

vlan 3 name TLF by port
tagged ethe 1/1 to 1/8 ethe 2/1 to 2/8 ethe 3/1 to 3/2
untagged ethe 5/16
priority 5
router-interface ve 3

vlan 3
name "TLF"
tagged 45-46,Trk1
priority 5

Valued Contributor

Re: 9308 - 2848 / QoS for


Your config seem's to be ok on the 9308, but I don't think the 2848 is able to tag a priority level on a vlan config level. I think the only way is to tag a port, with following command :
interface XX
qos priority 5

so if you want to keep a priority level from end to end :
- If IP Phones and comupters are connected on different switch ports, you will have to tag priority on all port where an ip phone is connected, and on the PABX switch port.
- If computers are connected on the ip phone which work as a switch, look if your phones are able to mark packets with a 802.1p/Q tag. If there are, you will have to define the priority level on the phone, and not on the switch.

For both, all switches links will have to be tagged, to keep the 802.1p tag.