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9308 - route loop when VE is down

Alan Skaarup_2
Occasional Visitor

9308 - route loop when VE is down

9308 configured with several virtuel router interfaces (VE).
When you try to ping a VE IP address that has no PC connected, it seems that the VE is down, and the ping goes out the default gateway. Here are a Firewall who has a static route of that VE and sends the ping back, and again the 9308 sends it back out to the default gateway. The result is a loop and the firewall are going down after a short while.
Can you "force" the VE to be up, so that the IP of the VE can be pinged?

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: 9308 - route loop when VE is down

I doubt it. My old 3COM works the same way. I worked around the problem with a access list (filter) on the router connected to the switch. I drop any traffic to the switch's IP addresses which is coming to the router on the interface on the router which is directly connected to the switch.

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Re: 9308 - route loop when VE is down

You can also use a black hole route with an high distance :
(config)#ip route [Subnet] [Mask] null0 distance 300

This should works fine to avoid the loop.
To keep the Ve up, I'm not sure, you can try to create a static arp entry to an always up physical interface.
(config)#arp 1 [Unused IP adrs] [Unsed Mac Adrs] eth [Num]

This works Nortel Switches, why not on HP ?

You can see the advanced config [5990-6030] guide 8.39, "Configuring a â Nullâ Route" and
and 8.28, "Creating Static ARP Entries"