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9308M Firmware upgrade fails

Russell Moxon
Occasional Visitor

9308M Firmware upgrade fails

I have a 9308M switch with 2 X J4857A
8 Port-gig-M4-management-modules

I have upgraded the boot code on both modules
to m2b070602.bin no problem

Rebooted switch OK

The present code in the Modules is H2R07119.BIN
Trying to get the intrim version loaded eg

copy tftp flash192.168.11.178 h2r070601b.bin sec

The following errors are returned
Code too large to fit into the code area (2817536) abort!
File type Check Failed
TFTP to Flash Error - code 8

The files I am attempting to use are in the H2R07604.ZIP file I downloaded yesterday.

The switch is working I just cannot update the main firmware.

Ralph Bean_2
Trusted Contributor

Re: 9308M Firmware upgrade fails

Hello Russell -

The issue that you ran into is described in the Series 9300 Release Notes.

You need to boot the box from the TFTP server to get it on the 7.6.04 code. If you were running 7.6.01b you could use the copy command but not from 7.1.19 code. The way the 7.1.19 code treated the flash area is not the same.

1. boot the box on the 7.6.02 boot image
2. Boot the box from the TFTP server on to 7.6.04
3. use the copy command to copy the 7.6.04 image into primary
4. use the copy fla fla sec command to make primary and secondary images are the same

Note: If there is a secondary management module in the box make sure they synchronize both modules with the same boot image or this will not allow the secondary module to function properly and take the flash image.

Russell Moxon
Occasional Visitor

Re: 9308M Firmware upgrade fails


The release notes for the software upgrade are not exactly clear on the upgrade procedure for pre 7.5 versions.

It would have been nice for HP to have included the full boot monitor instructions for remote boot of firmware images. This is a procedure I have had no need of before. I found this by searching the Foundry network site.
It took me a while to figure out that you can not upload the firmware that is sitting on a TFTP server on a VLAN on a downline switch, as of couse the main software on the 9308 is not loaded at this point doh.