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A Tale of Two IDF"s


A Tale of Two IDF"s


I have a wierd one, I have two IDF's where an application has issues in one closet (4-West) but not in another (4-East).

Both closets are ProCurve 2524's with Fiber Uplinks, both closets config appear similar (attached) yet the application works fine in one and not the other.

Application is Remote Desktop (Terminal Service Client) and users reach a Terminal Server where they launch a Digital Imaging applications, they they playback a series of images like a movie/flipbook and the RDP client disconnects "Protocol Error" but only in the 4West location.

We take the PC from 4West and move it to 4East and repeat the exact same test and it has no issues.

Any thoughts? Is the video-esque behavior overwhelming the swich and dropping the RDP?

The RDP users reconnect and the video is still playing, its just the Client RDP that gets bumped.

I can submit configs, visio's, etc. I also have openned a ticket with HP but I figured ITRC might be quicker (hahaha).


Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: A Tale of Two IDF"s


I think you should monitor the uplink and watch the performance and utilization of it.

Also, its good to have an idea about the counters especially RX/TX drops, that will give you an idea if the switch is overwhelmed or not.

Also, see what other interesting traffic is passing by that switch at the same time when the users are connecting to this video, then check if you need some kind of QoS or ...

Good Luck !!!
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