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A5210-48G: 802.1x plus dynamic VLAN and WOL

Occasional Advisor

A5210-48G: 802.1x plus dynamic VLAN and WOL

the mac address of the client is checked against a freeradius server to realize port security.
Whith the authentication the client it is also moved into its corresponding VLAN.
This works fine so far.

When the the client is powered down the port is in 'unauthorized' state and does not receive any packets. How can I wake up the client with a MagicPacket packet ?
I found an other thread but this covers only Procurve series not running Comware software.

Any hint is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Jens Egger
Occasional Advisor

Re: A5210-48G: 802.1x plus dynamic VLAN and WOL


try "ip forward-broadcast" and see documentation in "Layer 3 - IP Services
Command Reference" Guide. For other UDP packets you may look at "udp-helper" commands.

Kind regards

Occasional Advisor

Re: A5210-48G: 802.1x plus dynamic VLAN and WOL

Hi Jens,
thank you very much.
I found out, that my manuals are outdated because in "Configuration Guide" release
"Ver 6W104-20100530 Rel 1101" they say that it is enabled by default. So I did not care anymore about it. I'll check it out and give feedback.
Thanks again.


-- snipp page 19-1:
'Enable the device to receive ip forward-broadcast directed broadcasts' 'Enable by default'

Currently, this command is ineffective on the S5120-SI series Ethernet switches. That is, the switches
cannot be disabled from receiving directed broadcasts.
-- snapp
Occasional Advisor

Re: A5210-48G: 802.1x plus dynamic VLAN and WOL

I can't wake up my clients -grrr. The directed broadcast packets are sent to udp 7.
This is what I have done:

ip forward-broadcast

acl number 3015
rule 10 permit udp destination-port eq 7 logging
rule 20 permit udp source-port eq 7 logging

This acl is added to all physical:
interface ethernet 1/0/1 - 1/0/48
packet-filter 3015 inbound

and also to all the VLAN interfaces:
interface vlan-interface
packet-filter 3015 inbound

Issued WOL Packets are logged by the switch but the client does not wake up:
rule 10 permit udp destination-port eq echo logging (25 times matched)

All computers are connected to the switch in question.

Does anybody see what I have forgotten ?

Thank you in advance!