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ACL problem using Procurve 5304XL

Andrew Knyzev
Occasional Visitor

ACL problem using Procurve 5304XL

I have Procurve Switch 5304XL, SW ver. 9.03.
I've discovered some problems when creating ACLs.
I try to do this:

no ip access-list standard demo
ip access-list standard demo
permit host
permit any

But the "deny" clause is not accepted and I recieve:
"Duplicate access control entry."

Do I do something wrong or it's a bug ?
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: ACL problem using Procurve 5304XL

I tried copy-paste on a 5300 switch, and I didn't get any errors.
I used a switch with firmware version 09.22
You are using an old firmware, so the problem will probably be gone with a firmware update.