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AP 530 WDS and DHCP issue

Chris Kemp
Occasional Contributor

AP 530 WDS and DHCP issue

Have set up 2 AP530 to create a WDS link to a remote building.

The Local AP is unTagged on vLAN 3 on switch port and the WDS Link is also vLAN 3 (192.168.103.x) which also contains a DHCP Server

The link itself is running fine on Radio 2 as I can web manage the remote AP. On the Remote AP I have enabled Radio 1 WLAN2 (vLAN 3) to connect wireless clients but they receive no DHCP.

Any Ideas?
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: AP 530 WDS and DHCP issue

hi Chris

if you assign statically ip address wireless pc every everything is ok

please test for me