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Re: AP420 and DHCP

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AP420 and DHCP

I have a 420 wireless AP set up with two SSIDs, VISITOR (primary, tagged VLAN ID 10) and STAFF (tagged VLAN 20). VISITOR is set up for static WEP128 and STAFF is 8021.x WPA AES. The AP has an IP in Mgmt VLAN 30 (, which is set up untagged. The AP is connected to 3548 switch. The port at switch is tagged for both VLAN 10 and 20 and untagged for 30. I have multiple scopes on a DHCP server, which is on another wired VLAN 40. Switch has these VLAN interfaces created with 10.1, 20.1 and 40.1 IP addresses.

VLAN 10 =
VLAN 20 =
VLAN 30 =
VLAN 40 =

I get correct DHCP address from any VLAN on wired switch ports (the VLAN interfaces have ip helper-address, the dhcp server address). However, strangely the dhcp IP receuved by VISITOR wireless users is in VLAN40 and not in their required VLAN 10. What could I be missing?

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Re: AP420 and DHCP


Your setup seems to be complete, so i would suggest you to assign a Static IP for a user, and try to associate him with SSID1 (visitor), and of course try to ping your gateway which is Vlan10 IP Address on the routing switch.

Also you can do the same test for other SSIDs with static IP address.

Just be sure you have the latest firmware on the 420 APs:

Good Luck !!!
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Re: AP420 and DHCP

I have been running around and did not get time to get back to the forum. Yes, I was able to resolve the issue. I had to issue vlan static enable to fix the issue.

Appreciate your support.