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AP530 with STP enabled

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AP530 with STP enabled


I have 2 bldgs separated by a road. Currently I have an AP on each of this bldg (configured in bridging mode). I would like to have HA. Am planning to change the existing 2 unit with AP530 and further purchase another 2 units to configure HA.

Can the 4 units be configure in the same VLAN and yet be able to provide HA? I understand I can configure STP on the AP530. Should the either one of the link fail, what will happen to my user connection?

Thank you all.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: AP530 with STP enabled


From the Networking point of view, consider you have 2 links between the 2 Buildings.

With STP you can have one running and the other in standby for failover, and in this case both links (4 APs or 2 wireless bridges) are in the same Vlan.

With MSTP you can also load balance with both links based on instances linked to Vlans.

Good Luck !!!
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Holger Hasenaug
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Re: AP530 with STP enabled

If you leave STP disabled and use link aggregation together with UDLD you get both, HA and the bandwidth of both wirless links at the same time.

Page 25:

Just replace the box where it is written "third party switch" with your APs.

Have fun