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ARP Age Timers

Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

ARP Age Timers

The arp age timers on the 9300s is set at 10 minutes. Can this timer be changed and if so how?

Our Blade centre has two redundant links to the network, but when one link fails the mac addresses are still seen on the failed trunk link on the 9300 for 10 minutes until they age out. At which point they are then seen on the remaining redundant link and the servers in the Blade center begin pinging again. Obviously a failover time of 10 minutes is not acceptable.

Strangely however the management address for the Blade centre swaps over and its mac address is seen on the correct links on the 9300 within seconds. I can see no discernable difference between the ports and vlans for the client and management VLANS.
Dmitry G. Spitsyn
Trusted Contributor

Re: ARP Age Timers

Hi, Jason !

You can use

ip arp-age

command to change the ARP cache aging time, where is the number of minutes.
If you specify 0, aging is disabled.