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About Firmware upgrading for HP B-series 8/24c SAN Switch

New Member

About Firmware upgrading for HP B-series 8/24c SAN Switch



I am doing upgrade for HP B-series 8/24c SAN Switch firmware currently. But I encounter the following error when I download the firmware from another server:


swd77:admin> firmwaredownload
Server Name or IP Address:
User Name: root
File Name: /root/v7.0.1a
Network Protocol(1-auto-select, 2-FTP, 3-SCP) [1]: 3
Server IP:, Protocol IPv4
Checking system settings for firmwaredownload...
Failed to access scp://root:********@
The server is inaccessible or firmware path is invalid. Please make sure the server name or IP address, the user/password and the firmware path are valid and the server supports SSH password authentication.


But this server was working for the previous upgrading from v6.3 to v6.4, and this server was reinstalled some time ago, so I suspect the RSA(or public key) in San Switch needs to be updated as well.


Could some body tell me how to update the public key or how to get this working?

I tried command "sshutil delpubkeys", but it doesn't help.


Thanks in advance......