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Access-list for VoIP VLAN's

Occasional Contributor

Access-list for VoIP VLAN's

I’ve configured all my 2610 PoE switches and the Procurve 8206 core switch with all the VLAN’s, IP’s and verified that all work properly. Now I just need to configure inter-vlan permissions.

Let me give some details.

Voice VLAN's (VLAN ID is the third octet) - 3rd Floor North - 3rd Floor South - 2nd Floor North - 2nd Floor South - 1st Floor North - 1st Floor South - Basement Level

How do I make it so they can talk between themselves? Do I have to make an entry for each VLAN to each VLAN? The VoIP switch will initially connect interoffice calls but then releases them to an IP to IP connection.

Help me Obi Wan…
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Access-list for VoIP VLAN's

normal here are questions about how to limit trafic from one vlan to another :-(

You do not mention having a router?
To make hosts within these vlans communicate to one another you need to setup a router.
Is this the keyword you were looking for?