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AccessLists and HP 3400CL

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AccessLists and HP 3400CL

I have HP3400cl and i need to deny some traffic on vlanX (192.168.x.0/32)
i have HOSTs with ip range 192.168.x.1-192.168.x.10
and SERVERs with ip range 192.168.x.20-192.168.x.30
I need to deny any trafic form HOSTs range (192.168.x.1-192.168.x.10) to SERVERs (192.168.x.20-192.168.x30)

Can someone help me with access list?

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Re: AccessLists and HP 3400CL

The hosts are in the same subnet, due to this ,you can't filter traffic based in IP.

You can only filter the traffic by port of the switch using "Source port filters". Thus you can drop traffic from the ports where are located the hosts to to the server ports.

You can see some examples in this link: